Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall Fun in WI

We've lived in our new place for over 3 months now!  It's gone by fast, super fast.  It's been an adjustment, more than I expected, but we are enjoying it and settling in.
Fall Bash at our Church in early September


Eating at our new favorite restaurant "Out and Out" in Cedarburg

Getting to the top of the Basilica at Holy Hill

View from up high at Holy Hill
The kids in the Basilica, almost to the top!

Loving on our newest family member, Pumpkin

Hayride fun!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Lydia's 8th birthday

Lydia had an amazing birthday party, thanks to our friend Leeann!  The girls had fun making origami cubes and homemade stickers.  It is seriously crazy to me that Lydia is 8 years old.  She is sweet, sensitive, funny, creative, and developing into quite the young lady.  She currently loves babies, animals, playing the piano, and still loves reading.  She has grown SO much in the past year!  We love you sweetie pie!

Thanks so much Leeann! 
All the girls blowing dandelions.  Such a sweet group!

And here are some pics from her actual birthday when we celebrated with family:

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Branson 2016

At the end of April, we traveled to Branson, MO with Grandma Cis, Papa Kurt and Aubree for a long weekend.  We had tons of fun!  Silver Dollar City was probably the kids' favorite thing on the trip, and they've talked about it pretty much every day since coming home.  And it was nice to have quality time together.

Train Ride - and this wasn't any train ride, it was a true adventure  :)

Grandma, Papa and Aubree

The best pic we got.  At least Lydia and I are smiling  :)

The view from our condo.  This was at sunset the first night.

A kiddie ride.  Papa, don't get stuck!

Photo Dump Catch up

Best pic I have of all three kids.  Who can't help but love smiling by the Christmas tree?!

Howard/Revoredo Christmas 2015

Daniel with 2nd (or 3rd) cousin Nora!  They are only a few days apart in age and actually look very similar!


In the creative zone(can't remember what it's actually called) at the Children's Museum in Bettendorf, IA.  We spent the weekend with the McCaulley's.  They were great hosts!
Grocery Shopping at the Kohl's Children Museum

Brother's lounging around

February & March

Hanging out with friends at the park on a "warm" day


Happy one minute
Sad the next (but big sister Lydia is always ready to cheer him up!)

Shopping cart fun!

Heading to Chicago on the train!

All the cousins on the trampoline

Hanging out at Grandma Cis's house.  We like to eat!

Easter 2016


Thursday, February 18, 2016


We got to visit my grandma and grandpa last week and see them crowned king and queen in their Sweetheart Ball. I hadn't seen them in about a year and a half(The longest I've gone without seeing them). And so fun to see them crowned king and queen. They have been married for over 72 years. Love their commitment and care for each other.  It was a short visit but a memory that will be with me forever, as well as with our kids.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Catching up on 2015, starting with Miss Lydia's 7th birthday

I meant to write this blog so long ago.  I think this is the longest break I've taken yet from blogging.  Not an intentional break, but life has been full.

Lydia turned 7 in May.  We did a friend party for her.  I honestly really don't enjoy throwing birthday parties (there, I said it).  I find it stressful.  I will say though, I did enjoy planning and doing her party.  She was so excited about it and it was so sweet to see her excited like that!  It was an "art party".  We made rice krispie treat paint brushes, and the girls all made mosaics at a local art studio.  It was a fun time!

In June, Marc and Lydia went to Great America because Lydia had earned a free ticket (from the Read to Succeed program).  This was their 2nd year going and they had a great time.  Lydia even made a friend while there.  I'm excited because both Lydia and Joe earned tickets this year, so this summer, they'll both get to go, and hopefully me too!
Smiley Girl!

Lydia and Marc on "The Teacups"

                                      Lydia and Grace